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Tom- Sam Adams Commercial

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Since Sam Adams controls such a small percentage of the beer market share, it tries to create a small niche of consumers that stay devoted to their product. They do this with ads like this. The commercial explains all the positive qualities of Sam Adams with themes such as patriotism, history, and perfection. Rather then go for cheap humor like all the others, they would rather inform you of their product and try to sell it to you. The people in the video are meant to be honest people who really care about their product and their costumers.

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Tom- Bud Light Commercial (Working the Weekend)

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This is a Bud Light commercial that is part of their “Here we go” campaign. They are trying to associate the average day at work to going to a party in a very direct way. With this campaign, they are using three meaningless words (Here we go) to get people excited for a night out.

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Tom- Miller Lite Commercial (Love – Aluminum Pint)

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The slogan behind this commercial is “Taste Greatness”. Miller realizes society’s need to be better than the next person or ‘to be a great’. With “Taste Greatness” in huge font along with a glass of beer that takes up the whole screen, it is obvious Miller wants you to associate them with greatness. Therefore, if you drink Miller, you will become better in some way. The main idea behind this commercial is to incorporate all the new features of the Miller Lite aluminum pint into the commercial in comedic fashion. The commercial plays on the opinion that men cannot express their feelings to a woman and that it is seen as less manly in society. The focus of this to make their target audience (men) laugh. I believe it does a good job of that as well as giving important information on its new product.

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Joanna-Miller Lite Commercial

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Miller Lite : Tattoo commercial

This is commercial is part of Miller Lites’ Be a Man Campaign.It is targeting the less manly man and pointing out that the real men drink Coors Lite. It makes comments on what a mans’ man likes, and that’s the great pilsner taste. The commercial uses the comedy of the lower back tattoo to entertain the audience and make the statement that only females with or males with lower back tattoos should drink something other than Coors Lite but Men should drink Coors Lite. Does this Commercial work? Well it does entertain and bring our attention to the idea that lower back tattoos are mostly had by women. It proves its point that the manly men are drinking Coors Lite, compared to the feminized main character who drinks a tasteless light beer. In the end to be a man he decides to drink Coors Lite.

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Joanna- Coors Light: Surprise Commercial

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Coors Light : Surprise

The emphasis of this commercial is the introduction of the new packaging, the new look: The cold activation window. It enables you to see how cold your beer is before you buy it.  It uses comedy and a hint of sex appeal to lower the audience in, and then surprise them with the new packaging.  The purpose of the new look seems to be the prevention of having to buying warm beer, one that is not cold or at your desired temperature. It promotes Coors Light’s motto: “The world’s most refreshing beer” by letting you know that with these windows you’ll know when the beer is cold, and ready to refresh you. This commercial works, it does what it’s supposed to do which is bring your attention to the new look, and provide comedy/entertainment while doing so.  I believe that in entertaining you and visually showing you the new look, it allows you the viewer to remember the product easily.

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Joanna- Budweiser: Greetings, It’s What We Do.

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Budweiser 2009

This Budweiser commercial, is called Greetings, From the “It’s What We Do” Campaign. This commercial uses the social activities of the consumer to show how Budweiser is a part of what “WE” the socialites/drinkers do. It gives examples of the many greetings people use while socializing and having a Budweiser, and reminds us that no matter what the greeting may be Budweiser is always a part of that thing or “greeting” we are doing. “It withstands the test of time”. This commercial works because it is targeting the social consumers. Like we all know we are in the age of face book and many other social networks/Socializing activities. Budweiser is feeding off of this current trend and tying it in with the longevity of Budweiser and the famous clinking of the beer bottles greeting. Budweiser, it brings people together, denotes a familiar idea, action( the greeting), and proves it to be universal in this commercial.

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Namrata – Budweiser – 3D Models

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Budweiser created these ads in 2007 and used the models to create a 3 dimensional illusion with the label of the bottle. While men are staring at the women, they are unaware that their subconscious is analyzing the brand as well.

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