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Joanna- Budweiser: Greetings, It’s What We Do.

Budweiser 2009

This Budweiser commercial, is called Greetings, From the “It’s What We Do” Campaign. This commercial uses the social activities of the consumer to show how Budweiser is a part of what “WE” the socialites/drinkers do. It gives examples of the many greetings people use while socializing and having a Budweiser, and reminds us that no matter what the greeting may be Budweiser is always a part of that thing or “greeting” we are doing. “It withstands the test of time”. This commercial works because it is targeting the social consumers. Like we all know we are in the age of face book and many other social networks/Socializing activities. Budweiser is feeding off of this current trend and tying it in with the longevity of Budweiser and the famous clinking of the beer bottles greeting. Budweiser, it brings people together, denotes a familiar idea, action( the greeting), and proves it to be universal in this commercial.

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