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Joanna- Coors Light: Surprise Commercial

Coors Light : Surprise

The emphasis of this commercial is the introduction of the new packaging, the new look: The cold activation window. It enables you to see how cold your beer is before you buy it.  It uses comedy and a hint of sex appeal to lower the audience in, and then surprise them with the new packaging.  The purpose of the new look seems to be the prevention of having to buying warm beer, one that is not cold or at your desired temperature. It promotes Coors Light’s motto: “The world’s most refreshing beer” by letting you know that with these windows you’ll know when the beer is cold, and ready to refresh you. This commercial works, it does what it’s supposed to do which is bring your attention to the new look, and provide comedy/entertainment while doing so.  I believe that in entertaining you and visually showing you the new look, it allows you the viewer to remember the product easily.

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