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Joanna-Miller Lite Commercial

Miller Lite : Tattoo commercial

This is commercial is part of Miller Lites’ Be a Man Campaign.It is targeting the less manly man and pointing out that the real men drink Coors Lite. It makes comments on what a mans’ man likes, and that’s the great pilsner taste. The commercial uses the comedy of the lower back tattoo to entertain the audience and make the statement that only females with or males with lower back tattoos should drink something other than Coors Lite but Men should drink Coors Lite. Does this Commercial work? Well it does entertain and bring our attention to the idea that lower back tattoos are mostly had by women. It proves its point that the manly men are drinking Coors Lite, compared to the feminized main character who drinks a tasteless light beer. In the end to be a man he decides to drink Coors Lite.

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