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Tom- Miller Lite Commercial (Love – Aluminum Pint)

October 25, 2010 Leave a comment

The slogan behind this commercial is “Taste Greatness”. Miller realizes society’s need to be better than the next person or ‘to be a great’. With “Taste Greatness” in huge font along with a glass of beer that takes up the whole screen, it is obvious Miller wants you to associate them with greatness. Therefore, if you drink Miller, you will become better in some way. The main idea behind this commercial is to incorporate all the new features of the Miller Lite aluminum pint into the commercial in comedic fashion. The commercial plays on the opinion that men cannot express their feelings to a woman and that it is seen as less manly in society. The focus of this to make their target audience (men) laugh. I believe it does a good job of that as well as giving important information on its new product.

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Joanna-Miller Lite Commercial

October 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Miller Lite : Tattoo commercial

This is commercial is part of Miller Lites’ Be a Man Campaign.It is targeting the less manly man and pointing out that the real men drink Coors Lite. It makes comments on what a mans’ man likes, and that’s the great pilsner taste. The commercial uses the comedy of the lower back tattoo to entertain the audience and make the statement that only females with or males with lower back tattoos should drink something other than Coors Lite but Men should drink Coors Lite. Does this Commercial work? Well it does entertain and bring our attention to the idea that lower back tattoos are mostly had by women. It proves its point that the manly men are drinking Coors Lite, compared to the feminized main character who drinks a tasteless light beer. In the end to be a man he decides to drink Coors Lite.

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Namrata – Miller Lite – Fangs

October 24, 2010 Leave a comment

Miller Lite is presented as the beer of choice for Halloween. Because of the popular theme of vampires in entertainment such as Twilight and True Blood, this added an advertising bonus and connection with the fanbase.

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Sammi-Miller Lite Ice

October 23, 2010 Leave a comment

1994 Miller Lite Ice Beer Ad - If You Get it, Get It

The above poster is a 1994 ad of Miller Lite Ice.  Its powerful slogan ” If you get it, get it” sounds extremely manly and demanding . The idea of beer being a manly drink will also appear in our Blue Moon promotion and advertisement because most beer brands share the same target audience. However, we are going to use a new and exciting method to inprint the manly imagine on our product. What worked for me in this ad is the color that they have choosen. The mixture of black and blue give viewers a sense of mystery. It will attract possible consumers to try it out.

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